Congratulations! You have won a lottery by a known tech company. Also, you have inherited 25 million dollars and gotten funding to fight the poverty. Some help moving another 50 million dollars could be highly appreciated as well. To get your money you just need to share some of your personal details and potentially pay some minor fees.

Most of us have received this kind of emails. Unfortunately, too many of us fall for them and willingly share their information and/or money. Scammers learn every day how to be more convincing and make you feel happy or scared and urgently motivate you to collaborate.

The current initiative aims to understand the scamming processes better to keep people more aware and less willing to invest into illegal and/or unethical scams. Furthermore, we want to motivate scammers to help educate university students. Well, they might not know that they are helping, but as long as they are volunteering it is all legit, huh? This initiative is collecting scam-related data to teach students about machine learning, filtering, and a little about human psychology.